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ooo mansen...

es freut mich, wieder hier zu sein (: ist auch sehr schoen, alle meine freunde endlich wiederzusehen.

bin staendig aufgeregt.

but this.. it´s still a dream... sad
29.6.06 22:42

welcome back!

i´m back finally (: ha, i´m happy and so excited that i can´t even fall asleep. i have so many things that i would like to do. but nobody´s home yet. maybe i could start unpacking all of my stuff. it´s a lot. haha. for sure.

so yea, everything went well on the airport. it was long and strenous. pictures soon, hopefully.
27.6.06 11:11

last message before departure.

i'm leaving tomorrow morning from milwaukee [11.14am].

we were at a sunday brunch this morning, very good food. then i was shopping with mom to use up my gift cards. i had to make another package ready. haha. we bought food for supper tonight and stuff to use the cruzan rum we bought on st.thomas. memories. hehe.
so we're having salad, crabs, angelfood cake, and the smoothies. good good.

oke, good bye for now. i hate that it's gonna be a long day tomorrow ):
26.6.06 00:12


that's one of the reasons why i don't wanna hang out with people here anymore. i get sad and it's hard to say good-bye. i hate doing that but as much do i hate it just to leave. ooo man..

i hung out with crystal today. she's pretty much the only girlfriend i had here. the only american one i should say. leena and paddy were good friends too and then there are some girls that i liked but wouldn't really call friends, maybe jess & rosa. but yea, crystal is so amazing and lovely. she almost made me cry twice when she started crying.
at first we were driving around to pick up her dress for her sister's wedding and then she took me to cold stone. they have awesome ice cream, o my gosh. so we came back at 5pm and we said good-bye. she started crying and i almost did as well. hmm... then she picked me up at 7pm to go to kelley's bon fire. it's was alright. hehe. nothing special. so then i just came home. we had to say good-bye again. it was sad ):

i packed everything pretty much. just have a couple things out that i still need. one suitcase is almost bursting so much stuff is in there. they are both over 32kg so i have to pay more than $25, maybe.. i'm gonna take two carry-ons & my purse. i hope i don't have to get my luggage again in chicago.. o man, i won't even be able to carry it down the stairs. i made a package the other day and it was 50pounds so like 22kg and i had to slide it down the stairs because it was a little heavy. the suitcase to st.thomas was 23kg & hard to carry down & up the stairs.. especially because it broke at the airport on st.thomas.
24.6.06 04:43


there are pictures from st.thomas online. Mein Fotoalbum -> caribbean 2006
i hope to have everything uploaded by thursday.

only 5 days. i'm leaving monday at 11.30am and i'm going to be in frankfurt at around 5.30 in the morning.
i'm happy.
22.6.06 03:59

about the us

i wish i could go back to st.thomas. i don't want to be here in wisconsin at all. i'm ready to go back to germany since i can't go to the caribbean. i don't even feel like hanging out with people from here. wisconsin really is boring & yea, the people are friendly, or maybe i should say they seem friendly. they are polite. but not as open-hearted and lovely as the people from st.thomas. it feels like i didn't live there as a tourist because i spend pretty much all my time with the locals. it is incredibly easy to meet new people there and to like them right away.
i also would love to go back because it's a tropical place. i love the tropics. i hate cold weather, everything below 20C sucks and i can't stand it. another reason why wisconsin wasn't the best place for me to live in. winter for about 7 months.
hm, i don't want to make it sound like i didn't have fun at all or the people were assholes and no good people. they were, but just not the type i could live with all my life.

people are different all over the place. the world always looks at the usa as a whole. one big country. that's not the right way to look at it. 50 different states. some might be more similar than others but there are still a lot of differences. there's not only the difference in climate, ranging from almost arctic to tropical, but there are also lots of different habits amongst people from different states. people from the north can't understand the one's from the south. there are many words and expressions only used by one or some states. there are all kinds of differences between them. everybody has a whole different mentality.
i met many people from the states & even if it was only for one week, that's what it showed me. lots of different habits. california, new york, florida, michigan, kansas, missouri, pennsylvania, new jersey, lousiana. it was very interesting and i enjoyed it.
i just love meeting all kinds of different people & learn about them and their country.

and by the way, not all americans are stupid, patriotic, selfish, narrow-minded, love bush and have exaggerated pride in everything. there might be more of this kind of people in the us than in other countries but there are enough people that are a lot different than the stereotypical american. i had the pleasure to meet some of them. unfortunately not too many from wisconsin though.
i don't feel like i really fit in here & i might only come back for a short visit but if i should go to college in the states then somewhere in the south or at one of the coasts.
22.6.06 03:46

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