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so much has changed during the last year. almost exactly one year ago i came back from my stay in the usa and i can't believe how fast time has gone by...
i have fallen in love with someone i would have never expected and i was (and still am) truely happy. just one stupid incident (well, rather two) gave a crack to our relationship. i would not say we have grown apart but i know things will not be the same. this often makes me cry. i just cannot understand. and never will. although i wish i could but i know he will never tell me. i had never imagined something similiar could ever happen until he told me it was true. it left a deep scar and a very humiliating experience. i am disappointed and deeply hurt. but still i hope that some day things will be the same again. i know - i could never forget but i might forgive.

....because one kiss...

....and one smile are worth more than a hundred tears...
22.6.07 14:43

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