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when people ask me if i miss anything then i have to say no because i really don´t miss anything about the us, or i should say wisconsin. i miss the caribbean of course (;
what´s there to miss in wisconsin? the food wasn´t good except for the cheesecake factory and mamma mia´s, the nightlife was boring as hell [i had more action the first 7 days in germany than i had the whole year in wisconsin], school sucked [yea, it was easy but that made it incredibly boring], about 8 months of winter [& get sick of it after 2-3 weeks of cold weather. that was a good place for me to be at. haha.
at least my family was good & i made some good friends.

but i have to say, i kinda wish i could leave in a couple of months to travel around the world. i don´t wanna wait until i´m done with school. unfortunately, i have to.

i should try to get some stuff done. i haven´t done anything since i came back.
3.7.06 21:18

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jana / Website (4.7.06 17:26)
hi, ich fliege ende august auch mit yfu in die usa. kannst mir ja vllt mal ne mail schreiben.

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