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kyle picks me up tonight, he's coming at 5.45pm and then we go to his house and take some picture. then we have dinner somewhere and then we go to the dance (:

on thursday the homecoming court had to take pictures and after school i went to a beautyshop with mom and had my hair cut. the woman is nice but she's too 'old'. i'm going to someone else the next time. i think that would be much better. pato and mario wanted me to come to menomenee falls to watch the junior varsity football game but i didn't feel like going.

yesterday pato gave me a message and i think that was very sweet (; 'i really like you [...] you don't have to like me back but i've you really do like me back then i'm sorry. i think i can't do it to mario because i think he really likes you. i can't do it to him although i know he would do it to me [...]' i told him that i like him just as a friend and mario too and that i hope we can still be great friends and hang out and go to shows etc.
in the naxt message he said that he hopes that we are great friends and have a great time together and of course he wants to hang out with me. i'm a wonderful girl.
funny german girl. beautiful german girl. (; he's nice.
mario is waiting for me at a locker almost every day when i have got american history. i asked dustin if he knows mario and he said they have one class together. and surprise - mario is a sophomore or junior and 15 or 16. he could be 17 or 18. hm... oh and he told me that mario really likes me and he said he wants me to be his girlfriend then i could live with him for this year... oh... nice but not that good. just want to be a great friend...
we had only 10 minutes lang & lit because we had a famous man at our school. he hypnotized some pupils. at first he tested who can be hypnotized very quick and after he picked them out he made them 'fall asleep' and made them do some fun things (; it was really funny (:

last night i went to the football game. it was awesome although we lost ): but the atmosphere was so great again. the parade was ok but nothing special. we just went around the field. at first we led with 12:0 with 2 touchdowns but then milwaukee lutheran made 2 or 3 touchdowns in a row. both teams were undefeated until this time so the game was really exciting. we've got so many phrases or 'songs' we say during the game and everybody was standing and helping our team. i also like our national anthem (: it was really great. oh, i talked to the mohawk guy. he's a freshman... and somehow not that hot anymore... i don't know why... but he's still pretty and cute.
i feel so sorry for brian ebert. he's injured now. it happened after 5 minutes and he's one of the best players we have. i think reggie is good. he ran two touchdowns. he's really nice too.
the whole game was so exciting. especially the last quarter because we had a tie - 26:26.. in the end we lost with 40:26 i think.
i talked to the boy from my adv bio class but i still don't know his name. i forgot it ): he's very nice and funny too. oh my god, so many nice and funny people. unbelieveable.

okay i guess i should better go now because kyle is going to pick me up in 45min. i think it's going to be great.
2.10.05 00:00

i guess you're wondering why i'm writing in english. well, i like it. and i'm in the us, i'm speaking english the whole time. i'm even thinking and dreaming in english. it's fun. and it's a good practice. and if you don't understand it. well, there are many online translators. you all know google.

ok, the dance was fun (: kyle picked me up, we drove to his house, took some pictures and then went to a restaurant to have dinner. oh my god, that was really fun (: kyle's steak was really big and at the end when we wanted to pay [the boys payed for everyone [jenny, her sister, leena, patty, dan, kyle and david, he's hot but jenny's boyfriend]]. i guess they counted the money for like half an hour (; we had to pay like $92 but we didn't know if the tip was included or not and if we give 12% or 20% tip. that was really funny (; and it's really kind of strange. the tip included... in germany most people don't even leave a tip and here it's like 20% of the price and everybody does it.
we arrived at the school at 8.20 or something like that. the homecoming court met at 9pm and we had to walk along the stage, the boys had to give the girls a rose and then we had to stand there and wait for the homecoming court dance.
all in all it was really fun. i met some friends, took some pictures [but they are bad (; ], danced with leena and oh my god, i still don't know his name [we eat together every day (; but nobody had told me his name so far]. it seemed as if everybody is just dancing to grab the girl's asses. seriously (; oh and all the girls took of their shoes as soon as they arrived.
sometimes i really felt kind of lonely. there have been so many couples and they were dancing and kissing and hugging... ):
kyle and patty are going out now. i'm kind of jealous. i don't know why. i mean i don't want to be kyle's girlfriend but... i don't know... hm, weird.
after the dance kyle took me home, i grabbed my stuff and we drove over to jenny's. we watched a movie and i slept over at her house with leena and patty. her mom is from germany, she moved here about 16 years ago and she talks english and german with her daughters. i think that's good somehow.
david took me home at nine in the morning because mom, dad, krista and i wanted to go to doors county. that's about 2 hours away from here and it's really nice. we bought some apples, jam, etc and drove around.
i went to bed at like 11pm and now i'm very tired.
3.10.05 23:23

i feel better now (: but it's sooo cold. i'm freezing. the weather changed so fast. on wednesday it was like in summer and since thursday it is so fucking cold ):
i hung out with pato yesterday. it was fun (: he's a great friend (: we walked home from school over to his house, i met his parents [they are from argentina and have a bad accent (; ], then we watched a movie and went to pick 'n save. mom picked me up at 7 and i did some homework.
i'm really tired today but i'm going to the football game anyway. kyle is picking me up at 6.20 and the game starts at 7pm.
hopefully i can go to the show tomorrow. if tyler can't pick me up pato will do it. but i still haven't asked mom or dad. i keep forgetting it :/
7.10.05 22:19

oh damn.. i'm getting a cold and my left ear is beeping from the show last night...

but let's start with friday. kyle picked me up and we drove to homestead with patty and florent to see the football game. we lost again. everybody says homestead is so good and the school is so rich so they've got more and better possibilities to practice. after the game we went to robert's to have some ice-cream. there were people from germantown high school everywhere. after a while some footballplayer from homestead came. kyle said they're just coming to make fun of us. so we used all the seats and the guys from homestead had to eat their food standing. ohohoh...

i was so tired yesterday... i called pato to ask if he can pick me up for the show and he said he and rachel are gonna be here at 5.30 or 6pm. i was ready to go at like 4pm. they left his house at 6pm and then they called the whole time because pato's dad couldn't find our house.... so they picked me up at 7 and we've been in shorewood at 7.30.
new people (: great people (: i was excited (: but there haven't been as many people as at the last show. it was nice anyway. pato has some nice friends (: really nice, fun and pretty [some] (:
there's something going on with pato and mario... i don't know... someone is lying. and i don't know who. maybe i know why.
pato said mario is hanging out with his girlfriend so he might not come to the show and if he comes he's coming with his girlfriend. mario came to the show. without a girlfriend. and he told me he was coming right from work.
i don't know it's weird.... and at the end pato was really pissed off. we were waiting outside for his dad and mario, derrick, alex etc were waiting across the street. and pato was like 'mario should stay there. i don't want him to come over.' and something like 'he's a bitch. he's pissing me off. he just bothers me sometimes.' etc
hm hm hm...
the ride back home was fun. pato doesn't like his dad very much so he was making fun of him. and he was making fun of me the whole time (; he always makes fun of me. well, i do it to (; 'oh, she's so great... you're awesome... you're so funny...' yeah, rachel and pato are fun (:

i would show you some pictures of some of my friends but our internet is strange. so if someone is interested in pictures, go to:

My Space - Amelie

some of '_amelie_'s friends' are my friends and they are pretty cool (: but some i do not really know.

i guess i should go now and see if dinner's ready.
10.10.05 01:25

i'm really sick of it. and i'm sick of telling you so. why don't you understand it? it's not hard.
and you should better not complain now since you knew it before. so please stop bothering me. thanks.

today - another weird thing with pato and mario. mario asked me if i like pato and i told him what i once told pato. i just like him as friend. 'because i think he really likes you. he's very sad lately. yesterday his girlfriend broke up with him also.'
i don't know. hm.
i asked dustin to ask mario if he has a girlfriend. i'm really confused.

oh damn it. i have to be in school tomorrow at 5.45am. that really sucks. we're going on a field trip with the advanced biology classes to the crane foundation. i've already been there and it was boring but i think this time it's going to be fun (; but we're having a quiz in marketing, history and lang&lit tomorrow so i have to make them up on wednesday. and on wednesday i have a quiz in adv bio too. so that kinda sucks
10.10.05 22:34

just a short note because we're leaving in a couple of minutes. mall of america (: i'm excited!
the last days we're fun although i didn't feel very good and today i've got a terrible headache.
i'm going to hang out with damien some time (: and with thomas (: nice nice
oh, i have to tell you something about darius (; funny

ok, till monday <3
15.10.05 00:42

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