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that pretty much describes my day.

i got up. i was tired. i fell asleep on the bus. i almost fell asleep during class. i have a d in the pre-calc test. we made pancakes in study hall. i had to run in gym class. we laughed so hard when jamie and i tried to run with our legs tied together. again, i almost fell asleep. i was sad. i didn't feel good. i drove to paddy's. i didn't want to go to gymnastics. we took pictures for gymnastics. we had fun. i did handspring over the vault on my own. i almost did the hip pull-over from the lower to the higher barr by myself. we did conditioning which was fun. i felt pretty good. i wasn't tired anymore. i was really active. florent is cool. i had dinner at paddy's & florent's house and then i had dinner again at our house. i called daddy for his birthday and woke him up. [sorry about that, hehe... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. i love you.] then i saw it. so maybe it was just a lie. people are pissed when someone does a certain thing but then they do it too. how stupid? and how mean? it really makes you sad. it's confusing. i'm jealous. i'm so jealous. and yea, it usually takes a loooong time for me to be jealous. because i hate to be jealous. and i don't like when people are jealous. so i try not to be. i'm really disappointed though. i'm really curious about the words. the story. what ever. i'll probablly never know if i don't ask. but i don't wanna ask. would probablly just make me more sad. yea anyways. i should go, take a hooot shower and go to bed.

'still, it's definitely hot.'
yea, i like those panties.
1.12.05 05:01

that's my blog.

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1.12.05 05:04

i think he should get an own one.

for my beloved daddy. i wish you a happy birthday [you don't look like 40 though]. hopefully you have a lot of fun at your party. and hopefully everybody will miss me there. don't drink too much alcohol. don't start to smoke again. let no one puke into my pretty room and let nobody sleep in my awesome bed. well, that are pretty much all the advices i can give you. just don't forget me. and say hello to everybody.

i love you, daddy (: have a great birthday party.
you're the best guy in the world <3

your little, best, lovely, nice, awesome, and favorite daughter.
1.12.05 05:13

i'm sick. i don't feel good at all. this morning i didn't even hear my alarm clock so mom asked if i'm still sleeping and i jumped up and had about 20 minutes so my hair was still wet. in school i fell asleep a several times. mr b asked me what's the matter with me because i would look sad or whatever the last days. so i decided not to go to gymnastics tonight and here i am. i just took a one hour nap. usually kyle wanted to come so we can work on our biology project. we have to do a 3d model of a cell and we wanted to make our cells out of jello so we can eat in class. it will take 4 hours so he makes it at home and we work on it in study hall tomorrow.

today on the bus i remembered something. i miss to hang out with pato and those guys. and then i remembered that i didn't tell you about the sleepover at derek's. i only told you about mario and his girl... well, it was fun anyways. they are so crazy (: hehe. i was sitting at the counter and watching mike dancing. hehe. he hit the light and it was swinging and his face. it was awesome. suddenly pato came and he put his ass against my leg and moved his muscles. aw, it felt so funny. i told him to come back. we were laughing. then he tried to sit on my legs and do it but i almost fell down from the chair. he tried it again and it tickled. and we laughed. we laughed so hard. i almost had to cry. and once it felt like he was farting. oooo my god. (: haha.
that's just an example of the crazy stuff we do. and lately i was bored. i was sad. and i didn't have as much fun as i used to have. pato wasn't in a good mood at all the last days and so we didn't talk much. he never wants me to be sad because of that. although i told him that i will make him happy again.
tuesday he was making fun of derek. he forgot to shave the other side of his face. so he had hair on the right side above his lip and it looked really funny.
ok, what else? i want to be friends with jason scuglik and mike krause [both football players]. not what i usually like but mike is soooo funny. he's that real big guy, strong and everything. and jason. i think he has nice upper body muscles as far as you can see it through his shirt. that one guy from 'marcia, marcia' [derek's and damien's band] looks soooo cute and pretty. yep (: hehe. i'm excited for the next shows. oh yea, there were some awesome guys at that show in menomonee falls when temper, temper and these other bands played. they were hot. derek and mario are still hot. hm, who else? let's see. one other guy from marcia, marcia. and there are many guys who go to the shows and there are some guys from our school. nice. yea (:
oh, i start being happy again (: awesome.
2.12.05 02:05

no gymnastics again. but i'm feeling better. i actually had fun in school today (: hehe. oh here's what i forgot to tell you. i guess it was monday. i was sitting in my chair and then darris came and talked to me and then he made some signs with his hands. he wanted to hold my hand. and i tried to seem like i didn't know what he wanted. aw. i mean, yea he's really nice. but no. then he said 'hands.' 'what?' 'haende.' i was so hoping mr. b would call my name to give me my homework back. then he grabbed my arm and then my hand. it felt so weird. i didn't like it at all. 'nadine.' i felt so good when i could stand up and go away. awww. he's always staring at me but that was too much. i still like him though.

yep, i really hope to become friends with jason [scoogs] and mike krause. today in marketing we got donuts from mr copeland because we're so nice. hehe. and scoogs laughed sooo cute. it made me laugh (: i told kyle that i think those two guys are cute. he laughed. 'awww nadine. you're the best.' 'why?' 'you just are... you're hilarious.' thanks (;

i got a 96 on that biology cell project. kyle and i made our cells out of play-doh. the teacher asked everyone some questions about one thing we had to label in cell. she asked me one of the only two things i really knew which helped a lot. i was the best in the 10th hour class (: yay.

what else? hm, fat free yogurt tastes like crap. bah. i could puke.

i guess things can only improve now. i have a positive feeling.
2.12.05 23:19

ooo, how i missed it.

hanging out with pato is fun. today with hope, ashley and katie. crystal was supposed to hang out with us either. but unfortunately she didn't ): i love her. she's so lovely and cute. so we went to hope's house and hung out in her room. we talked the whole time. we decided pato and i match. hehe. 'you're mumbling and she has an accent. so you don't understand each other and so you have to be mean to each other.' we don't really mean to. it's just to make fun of the other and shit. it makes us laugh. hehe. pato talks a lot. i like that. and i like when he's happy (: he was all sad the last weeks and we didn't really talk much. so i really missed him.
we were talking about politics and that stuff. he told us about argentinia and how much the argentines hate the americans for what they did to them. i don't if you've ever heard about the disappeared [i think they are called like that]. argetines used to rape pregnant women and after they gave birth, they killed the moms and gave the babies to soldiers. those kids actually never knew who their real parents were and so they became known as the 'disappeared'. and yea we talked about bush and how proud americans are. you usually only talk about all the success and the good things and teachers usually only teach you those good things. well, i'm really tired. i'm about to fall asleep while writing. at 11.15 hope's mom dropped pato, katie and me off at katie's house and pato and i walked to pato's house and we watched a little bit tv. dad picked me up at 12.30. a fuuuun night. i'm excited for the next shows (: next saturday and next sunday [somebody shouted bomb, marica marcia marcia, and other bands] (: i'm excited to see all the people again. i haven't seen them in forever.
now i'm just kinda looking around at myspace to see if scoogs or mike or another cute has an account there. i've already found some pictures of mike but you cannot really see anything. i'll load it up soon i guess.
tomorrow: christmas party.
sunday: shushi party.
good night.

i'm a happy person.
and i love you guys.
thanks for making me laugh all the time.

by the way, we don't celebrate d-day in germany. hehe. ooo justin snyder (;
3.12.05 09:18

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