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ooo man this semester seems to be amazing. hehe. i'm really looking forward to the 5 months that are left. i don't know if i've already told you that mom asked me if i wanna go on a trip with krista this summer. at first we were thinking about disney world, new york, or the national parks. well, yesterday mom was wondering if we could find something on the islands in the caribbean like st john's. ooo my god, that would be fuckin amazing. she found something for one week for about $1200. & i still have that amount of money which i was planning to spend for the yfu trip. but yea, i can't go on the yfu trip because i'm graduating at that time so i still have the money. oooooooo.

school was funny like every day. hehe. oo boy, compared to most people of my gym class, i totally suck in volleyball. in germany i was one of the better ones but now. hehe. i'm just kinda invisible & usually my team members play the balls for me (; my butt still hurts from when i slipped on my pants & fell. hehe. i gave pato some more cd's & he was really happy about it. & then i had a surprise for him. 'aw, you're so caring. that's cute.' then i gave it to him. 'ooo my god, nazi-chocolate. that's amazing. thank you so much. hug?'
study hall was lots of fun (: we played uno. i won three times & we played four times. i told that i can't go to canada & mexico because of my visa & they said it's sad because then i'll miss their senior trip to mexico during spring break. that's really sad. that would have been amazing. kyle [not kyle navin, the one i used to hang out with sometimes but another one. a football player], anyways, he asked me for my number in study hall. & i saw the look on jared's face. haha. well, i gave him my number because i think he's reallllly nice but that doesn't really mean anything. i want to be good friends with him. & i guess he goes to parties sometimes, so maybe he'll take me (: yay. we'll see.
tomorrow: hanging out with my favorite boy. hehe. patio. 'argentina is gonna lose against the germans in the world cup this summer. haha. i'm gonna laugh at you pato & i'm gonna call you during the game if i'm already back in germany.' 'aw, shut up. you're gay. we're not losing. argentina is much better than the dumb germans.' hahahaha. i'm excited for that. i also have a bet with tyler that germany is gonna go further than holland.
1.2.06 23:38

ha yay. today was awesome. leena & me are probably hangin' out at her house on saturday & i'm gonna sleep over. then we're watching the superbowl & just eat junk food all day long. she's home alone so it would be fun. tomorrow night i'm going to the milwaukee symphony orchestra with my family. wooo. haha. mhh :/
i'm freeeezing.
oooo today.. hm, i don't know. when kyle came to study hall, he sat down & asked 'hey nadine, what's up?' & i hate that question because i never know what to answer. i just said nothing & he asked what i'm doing. [i did homework] then we started playing phase 10 [a card game] but he didn't play with us because we already started the game 2 days ago & he wasn't there. so then he just left & went to the library. i felt kinda bad because i think that he thinks i don't like him. but i do like him. just as a friend though. hm, idk it's weird. leena & me think he really likes me. & leena isn't sure if she can believe me i just like him as a friend. but i do. for sure.
ooooo, something exciting happened this morning. jenny wasn't there & so mike krause didn't have a lab partner & so i was his partner (: hehe.

today i ate lots of fruits. yay.

& i hung out with patio. patricio. it was fun. i don't even have to mention that anymore. haha. just hanging out on his bed. god, i'm horribly ticklish at the back of my knees. hehe. i told him that my parents already think we're doing stuff. like kissing, etc. & then he said that his parents think so too. 'ooo pato, german kisses. haha.' [his parents] noooooooooo. it never happened. i mean we just put our spit on eachother but not in form of kisses. haha. & we lick our faces to gross eachother off. 'god, never come so close to my face again' [pato]. 'why are you gonna kiss me then? haha' [me]. 'stop embarrassing me' [pato]. ok, at the end i was kinda sad because i realized again that i have to leave soon. & i told him. & he was like 'nooooo, don't be sad. don't cry.' 'i won't cry but i'm sad.' so he hugged me a long time. it was really cute. he's soooo caring. i've never known a guy like that before.
ooo & i always make that one face. looking sad. sad eyes, lips rolled outside kinda. hard to explain. hehe. but the 'dog face'. the face you can get pretty much everything you want. hehe. 'stop making that face. stop looking all cute.' [i love his caring & sad voice.] yup yup, that's how it is.
3.2.06 03:11

ich freu mich jeden tag auf schule. nunja, also ich finds natuerlich scheisse, dass es so lange ist & ich soooo frueh aufstehen muss, aber meine faecher sind sehr amuesant. also joa, mein schultag ist nich so schlimm & meistens nich langweilig. yay. kyle [nicht navin mit dem ich oefter was gemacht hab] hat mich letztens nach meiner nummer gefragt & er redet in study hall immer mit mir. sehr nett, aber ich mag ihn nur als freund. vielleicht/hoffentlich nimmt er mich mal mit auf eine party. hehe.
leena & ich wollen vielleicht am wochenende was machen. sie ist allein daheim & ich wuerd dann samstag da schlafen & sonntag ist super bowl [groesstes footballspiel] & wir wollen gaaanz viel junkfood essen. hehe. waer schon amuesant (:
& sonst... gibt eigentlich nichts neues.
ach, war heute bei pato. war natuerlich wie immer auesserst amuesant. muss man eigentlich schon gar nich mehr erwaehnen. hehe. einfach nur auf dem bett liegen. auch wie immer. unsere eltern denken schon, wir haben was miteinander. aber neeeee, wird nich vorkommen. am ende wurd mir irgendwie wieder total bewusst, dass ich in nur 5 monaten schon wieder weg muss. & dann bekam ich ne gaaanz lange umarmung. ich hab noch nie so einen aufmerksamen & fuersorglichen menschen [maennlich] gekannt. so lieb (: hehe.
hab mich heute mal relativ gesund ernaehrt, gaaanz viel obst. & woo hoo, ich hab 0.5 pounds abgenommen. also ca. 0.25kg. yay (;
3.2.06 03:27

it seems so impossible to forget but i guess i have no other possibility. unfortunately. aww.


last night the milwaukee symphony orchestra [my family made me go there ): ] was boring. i closed my eyes because i was so tired & anyways, when you lose one sense then the other ones are more sensitive. hehe. but i acutally fell alseep sometimes. i can't remember some sequences of the pieces. god my sister was so excited, she almost cried. i mean yea, they played good but no, it was too boring for me. a waste of money if you ask me.
i'm constantly looking for hotels & flights to the caribbean for the summer holidays. isn't that awesome? i found one amazing hotel but unfortunately it was on the bahamas & i can't go there with my visa. only to us territories. sooo st.thomas, st.john, or puerto rico. or hawaii. but hawaii is kinda expensive compared to the other ones. & bahamas/jamaica were cheap compared to them. the amazing hotel was $600 for 8 nights.
4.2.06 16:37


my day was amazing (: it was soooo funny. my belly kinda hurt after school. hehehehe. ok, so first hour in bio we disected a frog. our teacher had to kill those frogs first. he cut of the upper half of the head so the tongue was still on the frog. the frog was also still moving & the heart still beating. so we had to open the frog & cut out the heart & then the stomach. & then the heart stopped so we had to give it electro shocks. hehe. i was with mike krause, gary, liz & jenny. mike did pretty much all the cutting. it was so funny. he was so happy. 'awww, i feel like god.' & then he also makes so funny cheers. hehehe.
yea, then i had an american lit test & after lunch i had a marketing test for which i didn't study at all. haha. it kinda sucked. on the essay part i just pretty much wrote the same for every answer.
& theeeen: photography (: with derek, crystal & david. hehe. so yea, i told them about the frog & then i imitated how it was still moving. & ooo my god, they laughed so frickin much. for like 5 minutes & they couldn't even stop. & then they try to imitate me & laugh even more. so they want me to do it again & i try. but well, i have to concentrate so much, so i close my eyes & look concentrated & they start laughing again & make me laugh so i can't even do it. & then derek makes all these cute faces. & we laugh. & then i do it again. & according to them it is even funnier. hehe. so yea, after that my abs kinda hurt. & my cheeks as well.
finally study hall. we played phase 10 like pretty much every day. to complete a whole game it usually takes us 3-4 days i guess. & i lost all the two games we've played. but not today. well, we started a new round & i'm first so far. it was my lucky day today. jared got kinda mad. hehe. he's a sore loser. & then he told us why he is like that. it was sooo funny. ooo my gosh. he was like 'when i played battleship with my brother & he lost, there was always that song coming up [he makes the melody] & then he was walking like that [he walks & puts his arm up in the air]. & then i started crying [he pretends he cries]. & when we were playing gameboy, my brother usually was in level 10 in mario & i was in level 3. & then i would start crying. & then i would throw the gameboy on the floor. & once it broke. & then little jared was crying even more [he pretends to cry. you had to see his face. hehe]. & my brother would be like 'haha, that's what you get.' & i would even cry more.' the way he told it & acted it out. amazing. & we all laughed so hard. he's a cutie.

oo & yea, some people said they really like my picture from photography when we had the critique round. (:
9.2.06 01:13

it's so weird. back in germany where i really didn't do much during the week, i didn't think it was that boring just to sit at home doing some relaxing stuff. but now that i was busy at least 6 days a week for about 3 months, it feels really weird to be at home 4 days a week not knowing what to do. in germany i could always find something to do & i had even more time. but now. home from 3pm on. i'm so bored that i even clean my room & the bathroom because i don't wanna go to bed at 8pm because of lack of things to do. it's crazy. it sucks a whole lot that i don't have a car because then i could do so many thing. i can't even walk anywhere because if i did, it would take me like 1 or more hours to go to school to work out or to go the stores or friends. so yup, i'm pretty excited for the track & field season. it starts march 6. & until then i just try to hang out with pato every once in a while during the week & watching dvds alone in our basement [that's my new place to be at. hehe.].

can you believe it - i only ate 2 bowls of cereal, a bagel, & 2 pieces of chocolate today. woot.
9.2.06 01:25

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