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yay, today i feel like writing again.

sorry for not writing in a long time. i didn't have time & i didn't feel like it.
my weekend was alright. i couldn't go to the show due to the fact that i couldn't get a ride. so i was hanging out with leena. kyle took us shopping at goodwill & kohl's & then we got food from culver's. my ice cream was sooo big. but i love ice cream so it was okk. hehe. we watched Rent & Saw II. i love Saw II (: yayay. we went to bed after the movies & talked until like 3 in the morning. 11 was the time we woke up & then dad got me.
i cleaned my closet on monday or tuesday. i can't remember. i also send the first package with thing i don't need anymore to germany by ship. it costs about $30 & will be there in about 4-6 weeks. the next, hm, 5 packages [hehe] will follow soon, hopefully.
yesterday leena & me worked on our marketing project the whole day. we had to do a powerpoint about selling a product. our product was a european round trip. he said that our presentation was the second best out of 11 groups. i also got another compliment today. mr bartolone gave us our tests back that we took yesterday & he said that our class is the worst. the grades are really low. he told them they should look at how good some exceptions are. 'i don't want to pick on anyone or embarrass you. it's a really good & you can be proud. nadine, for example, she is doing excellent. i really love her. she's from a foreign country & her english abilities are sure limited but she's doing so great. that amazes me. it is really amazing.' that was a nice saying. but then, i don't know if i can agree with everything that he said next. hehe. 'she comes into class, shuts her mouth, takes excellent notes, pays attention, does all her homework, study guide, etc.' well, i do pretty much everything besides really paying attention. i'm so bored that it's hard to pay attention & i try to forget everything around me because all the kids in my class are so annoying & dumb. i really can't stand them. that's the only reason i don't talk usually. i only talk with mr b. about everything. he's like really interested in what i'm doing the whole time & if i miss germany, etc. & then he like always asks me about all my 'dates' [which, unfortunately] i've never had so far. haha.
friday, leena & me are probably going to the last hockey game of the season.
by the way, i see worms in every little thing. ewwww.

i hung out with pato today. we were just at his house & we kinda just lay on his bed the whole time & fell asleep every once in a while since we were both sooo tired. seriously,i was. i fell asleep in american history & almost in american lit but everybody is afraid of doing that because she takes a picture of you & puts it up on her homepage. anyways, pato asked me something. he wrote me a text message because he felt so uncomfortable asking. i didn't respond anything. i just laughed a little. it would be weird. somehow i would feel really uncomfortable doing it. even though i'm interest & sometimes thinking about it. that then i'm intimidated. hm. whatever.

ok, now i gotta do, i remember something. leena told me that stephan & justin [two black guys, i have a pictures somewhere] were talking about me. that stephan tries to have sex with me some time soon. ain't never gonna happen. never. i promise. tz.

3.3.06 03:36

i forgot something yesterday. my ring broke ): that's sooooo sad. i hope i can get it repaired somehow. it's the one i got from heni when she visited me 2 summers ago. i wear it every single day & now it feels so weird that i don't have it.
also, pato was talking about how cool it would be if i was his exchange student & i would live with him. & then he asked me if they could buy one next year. 'fuck you, pato. you think someone BOUGHT me? you don't BUY exchange students.' haha. then he was sorry (; yeaaa. wow.

ok, so the hockey game tonight. hopefully the show tomorrow. the marketing video & bio project sunday. sunday is gonna suck.

3.3.06 22:21

wow. hockey is my new second favorite sport since yesterday. on tv it was never really that interesting but i love watching it live. jared's & greg's team won. it was so intense. they even had to go in shoot-out. the first 3 all missed. then the 4th player of the other team missed & our player scored. then the next one missed too so we won (: yay. so then everybody left & leena & me had to wait for greg because he had to give us a ride home. jared is so cute, funny, & nice. & that tyler kunick guy is really hot too. haha. yea, so we left at like 11.30 & i was up until about 3 or 3.30.

so today, show at the orchid inn or hangin' with da girl. leena wanted to go to the movies but i really wanna go to the show. but i probably won't have a ride anyways so i just go hang out with leena.

4.3.06 20:25

ok, wow. that pisses me off. i just wrote that long ass thing & now everything is gone just because of that retarted internet. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. fuck.

ok, but what i was writing about, was track. the season started today & i was sooo excited. & yea, i love it. & i love the coach. but my coach will be van male because he does sprints & long jump.

aw, fuck that. i'm not gonna write everything again. maybe tomorrow.

7.3.06 02:31

no school (:

i was late this morning so i had to hurry a lot. then i was standing outside for like 10 minutes & the bus didn't come. i was gonna go inside again but before that i wanted to see what time it was. 6.36 & then i got a voicemail. mom called & said that there is a school delay & the bus won't come. pretty cool because i didn't want to go today anyways since everything hurts from track & field. i can't walk anymore. i can't dress. i have to sit down & hold onto something to even get down so i can get into my shoes. even sleeping hurts. i can only stand still or sit down.
our coach van male is so hard. he makes it too difficult i think. the first already we had to run 4 laps around one block [about 700-800m] & we had to run it fast. i was so dizzy after that. i had a headache, i was freezing. & i was last the first & third lap. haha. but i was better the last 3 laps than the first one. after that we went inside & we had to jump over steps. at first there were only 3, then he stapled them up to 5. it wasn't that easy after running.
i forgot about monday. that was just a testing day. we had to run 55m [9.2sec], 400m [i already forgot but it wasn't very good], standing long jump [6.4feet = about 2.5m], standing triple jump [i was confused, haha. about 5m], shot put with two arms [5m], & vertical jump [2.4m, i was better than some girls that are taller than me, haha.]. my favorite coach [effertz] was like 'hey, how's my german today?' & when he asked me what event i'm going to do, he was like 'you're a sprinter & a jumper. i can tell just by looking at you.'
well, i thought i wasn't too bad in track but hm, i don't know about that anymore. hehe.
yesterday we had to sprint 10x 100m. after that we had jumping stuff again & then just abs, & arms. i'm so tired. it's really exhausting.
i think i'm going to bed. leena just said that school just starts later but i thought we don't have school at all. i'm just gonna stick with it because i don't really feel good anyways.

9.3.06 14:16

when we were in study hall yesterday, a lady from the attendance office came in & took bob with her. bob came back after 10 mintues. there had been random locker searches & they found tobacco in there. a lot of people chew tobacco here. well, they found it & now he has 2 after school suspensions. then he told us something fun. haha. he had 4 or 5 porn dvds in his backpack. mr blackburn was like 'well bob, we found porn in your backpack. it was just in your backpack so nothing will happen. you weren't dealing with it or stuff so you won't get in trouble for that. but bob, can i ask you why you carry pron with you?' he said that he just took it with him so he could get rid of it after school. hehe.

yea, i hate when my sister is crappy all the time. that makes me so mad. yesterday i had to buy shoes. my sister HAD to be back by 7.55 so she could watch a stupid tv-show. god. so she was really mad that it was already 7.40 & i was still looking for some sport pants. & then i wanted to sign up for a store card so i get discounts & stuff. you should have seen her. it really pisses me off. we left at 7.45 & we were home at 7.56. but she wanted to leave at 7.40 because yea, it takes us 20 minutes to get home. ooooo my god. she's always mad because of stupid crap like this. it really pisses me off a lot. the whole time i've been here, i've seen her crappy more often than i've seen her happy.

it sucks so much that i can't move without pain. it does not just feel uncomfortable, it is really painful. i just want to lie in my bed the whole day ):
9.3.06 21:19

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