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have a good weekend.

i'm gonna go to leena's today & tomorrow i will go to a show. well, if i can get a ride. not sure yet. pato is weird. so i'm not sure.

oo, i had noodles with tomato sauce (: i made it myself & it tasted really good. ya, i'm just talented. we didn't have much i could use for that but it turned out good. now i'm really full though. i burned my tongue. it really hurts.

now that i'm sick, it feels like i was running a mile when i was just walking slowly. being sick sucks.

1.4.06 00:44

fckn rock.

favorite rockers.

favorite sluts.

favorite marcian boys.

no1 favorite boy.

no2 favorite boy.

1.4.06 03:01

spring & summer.

i love when it rained outside & everything is still a little bit wet. when the air is still humid & everything smells like rain. when it feels like something nice is covering you. something soft. i love when there is a light breeze outside so the water makes little tiny waves. i love the little ponds we have here - they remind me of the sea. & i love the sea. i'm sure i will love the ocean this summer. walking through the sand. walking bare footed pretty much all the time feels so nice. there's just nothing better in my life than all the summers i have yet had.

[leaving now to go to leena's]
1.4.06 03:58

i just got this message.

hey cutie
i havent seen u in a long time but i seen u on fri and i looked at u but u were turned tha other way and i was like damn she pretty damn cute haha jus thought id let u kno that we should talk more hit me up whenever u get this 262 *** **** ducez jamal

he's pretty cute. he goes to my school. he's young but he seems really nice all the time.

[he looks cuter in reality though]

i don't think i'm going to the show because i still don't feel really good.but i want to see derek & damien. aw, i don't know. hm.
1.4.06 21:56

i'm definitely not going to the show. i don't even want to go to leena's house again. i might go tomorrow. i just feel like watching movies or something like that (: i might go for a walk in a little while. i think pato is mad because of that. he was like i'm sick to but i'm going anyways. but ok thennn. fine. see you monday then. aw, it annoys me so much. god.

i just talked to brother on the phone. that's probably the longest time we've ever talked with eachother without a break or without getting mad at eachother. it was so funny. he can always make me laugh. i can't even imagine how it would be not to have a sibling. we might not get along very well all the time but that are only those small fight nobody really cares about.
i haven't laughed that much in a long time. it was amazing. i'm really excited to be back & talk to him in person & to do all that stupid crap together as we used to.
actually, i miss my brother. he's pretty cool & i'm glad he's mine.

i want to call someone else. i'm in mood to talk & laugh (: i need the people back i can always do dumb things with. ya ya.
2.4.06 00:56

by Damien Rex

"no matter how hard you try to be different or think you are an individual, your life is based on everyone around you. you cant be independent. this means you cant be better than anyone. you AND others make you who you are today, so realize this and realize that you are nothing but another working figure in this life.

Man, as in men and women have built the world we live in today. not some magical happenings. the life you live today was developed by those who lived yesterday. the things you "know" are what the people yesterday assumed. there is no such thing as a fact. there is no such thing as truth. if you think back 1000 years, you think those people were stupid right? well thats how they will look back at us. so leave your mind open and just live for today, and plan for tomorrow."

i have to agree with what damien wrote. he is a great person & i respect him very much.
5.4.06 03:08

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