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ya, i'm bored. i have nothing to do at all. right now, i have study hall but we can't do anything with our study hall teacher so i just go to the library every once in a while. but i also get bored by being on the internet for 50 minutes. so many sites are blocked.
so if anyone has nothing to do, write me an email to this adress [the other ones are blocked]
thank you.


ooo right, so about the cake i made for yesterday. i wanted to make my great grandma's cake with zuckerguss. i didn't have the recipe though. so i used the recipe for the applesine cake. i only used lemons and i used another baking form. so first of all, after half an hour i poked the cake to see if it's baked well enough. it was still like dough & it fell together [there was baking powder in it]. so then i had it in there for another 5 minutes and after it cooled out, i put it on another thing but the top of the cake stayed in the baking form. so then i had to get it out. it didn't look that good anymore on top. i 'glued' the 2 pieces together with zuckerguss and then i had to put a lot of zuckerguss on top so it wouldn't look as bad as it did. it still didn't look that good though & i thought nobody would eat it. but almost everything was gone. i had 2 pieces left which i ate of course. tasted pretty good i think. i love cake anyways.

the meeting was ok. boring. all the stuff they tell us there, i have already been told at the yfu meeting last spring in germany. they made us write a goodbye note to our parents and then we had to read it in front of all the people. it was kind of sad actually. only 59 days. 22 more days of school + 3 exam days.

the weather really sucks a lot. it's rainy and cold. i really don't want to go to practice. and i want to have sun and summer. and a lake i can swim in. ours is pretty nasty. but i sure don't wanna complain. we have a pond in out backyard with a little bridge and a little boat and that's my favorite place to be. a lot better than the house [currently even more dog poop. you can hardly walk by our front door because everything's full of it]. haha.

maybe i will write in german now because you never know who's reading this.

so talk to me, please?
1.5.06 21:02


sorry that i didn't write in a really long time. i've never really had the time or i just didn't feel like it. not a lot happened.
7 1/2 weeks left. [i miss you so much]

i have new pictures in 'mein fotoalbum' -> 'myself'.

i only went to practice once this week because i didn't feel good at all. but now i'm fine. i only have practice this week and next week monday through wednesday and a meet thursday. i can't go to the meet because we have senior skip day. that means many people from 12th grade aren't going to school & we're going to see the milwaukee brewers [baseball].

the weather is getting a little bit better. we have days where it is 22C [but really windy] & then there are cold days [5C].

on friday, we only had half a day of school. we had to choose an activity. i did meditation. i fell asleep after the first 30 minutes. hehe. i was home by 11am & my sister took me to brookfield square [shopping mall]. she makes me pay for gas. that's retarded. it really pisses me off. just because she's lazy as hell & only works 3-4 times a week & mainly hangs out in her room doing nothing. whatever. i give her $5.
yesterday, i was shopping as well. dad took me & leena to mayfair mall at 12pm before his work. i'm really addicted to buying clothes [or unneccessary things (; ].
i don't think there is any chance that i can fit everything i still have here in my two suitcases [i already sent 4 packages, all together $120].
after i came home i tried to tan outside. it was windy so it was kind of cold but i stayed for about 90 minutes. yea, i'm really desperate to get tanned now. i feel so pale [pretty much everyone else was in mexico or florida over spring break].

today is mom's and dad's anniversary. we're going out for dinner tonight. and i think i might go outside to try to get a tan. but later because now it's probably too cold.

ooo man, one of my favorite tv shows [i still don't like tv very much. commercials make me mad] is 'yo momma' on mtv. but i've heard you don't have it in germany. it's with the exchange student from 'that 70's show'. my no.1 favorite show still is 'america's funniest home videos'.

ok so 53 days left. i really cannot wait to be back. i'm soooo excited. 30 some days to the caribbean. oo man, it's gonna be amazing.
7.5.06 18:12

summer day.

i was tanning in our backyard today with leena [about 24C]. now i'm sun burned. the back of my legs and my back. so it really hurts to sit. haha. well, at least i got a little tan (:

we were out to eat today because it was mom's and dad's 23rd anniversary.
8.5.06 04:06

50 tage.

freu mich schon, aber wisst ihr ja.
nunja, hier gibt's eigentlich nichts neues. das wetter ist bisschen besser, nicht mehr so wie im winter. diese woche soll es aber die ganze zeit regnen und es sieht nach gewitter aus. immerhin ist es nich ganz so kalt. am sonntag war toll - hab mir sonnenbrand an meinen beinen geholt.
schule ist immernoch einfach. diese woche muessen wir sogar mal einen aufsatz in englisch schreiben. natuerlich zuhause und nicht als arbeit. und zeit dafuer haben wir bis naechste woche. jaja, so ist das.
heute war ich mit meinem sportkurs golf spielen. bin ganz schoen talentiert. hab sogar zwei mal nur 4 schlaege gebraucht [und sonst so ca. 6-12]. hehe. nunja, die schlechteste war ich wenigstens nicht. immerhin war's amuesant & ich hatte keine schule von 9.45 bis 12.30.
komplimente bekomme ich immer in fotographie. eins meiner bilder ist sogar ein "a+ textbook picture". "talented" jaja (;
mein geschichtelehrer haette gerne, dass ich ihm sauerbraten mit spaetzle koche oder "dumplings" [=maultaschen].
fuer samstagmorgen ist auch schon was geplant, kajak fahren mit meinem biolehrer und kyle. und abends, hm, vielleicht mal ne party [weil ich ja schon monate auf keiner mehr war]. ist halt nur das problem, dass man mit travis nie weiss. sehr nervig und aufdringlich, aber mittlerweile nett & lustig. und ich hoffe natuerlich, noch ein paar mehr menschen kennen zu lernen. nur so ganz frei kann ich auch nicht sein. die polizei kommt auf fast jede party und verteilt "drinking tickets" fuer leute unter 21. das wuerde heissen, fruehzeitig nach hause. obwohl das jetzt wohl nicht mehr machbar ist, aber der karibiktrip wuerde in gefahr stehen. und selbst wenn ich nichts trinke, besteht noch die gefahr ein "ticket for accompanied drinking" zu bekommen. also mal sehen. es gibt ja auch immer noch zahlreiche abschlussfeiern im sommer.


everything has been said above. nothing else needs to be said. except that some people really make me sad by not talking to me anymore.

ooo, and i have a really bad headache since yesterday and i pinched a nerve below my shoulder so it hurts really bad. but whatever. i'll live.
10.5.06 01:40


so to be honest, i'm not soooo excited anymore to go back. i don't know. it's just really funny and somehow i finally start getting to know other people better and that makes it hard to leave.
i have to leave people i have been friends with from the beginning, my family, and now people i start to be friends with and i wish had got to know them better. but there's not even 2 months left anymore.


i like the people from my gym class [most of the them, but not always because they are really immature sometimes]. ryan schneider, toni ?, mike baier, joe dhein, kate ?, rosa ?, danny reichert, travis howard, mexican travis, jeff ehn, joey gilmeister, danny ?, dan ?, ryan tomy, etc.. they are all very nice. and funny. haha. i love it.
oo, today, toni was leaning against me with his back and i was standing against a wall and he squiched my nose. it kinda hurt. hehe. but that's how he always is. 'fuckin' germans. no no, i'm 70% german myself.'
and danny asked me again about joey. 'why don't you wanna go out with him? because he's fat? ... you think he's ugly? ... he likes you. it's because he's fat right? ...' joey always says that too 'because i'm fat?' well, he's nice but i would NEVER IN MY LIFE go out with him, not even kiss him or anything. eww.

what else was a funny class today? hm... study hall. yea, i've been there again. i usually go to the library but there was a class today. i'm really glad about that actually. it was so funny with jared. i brought my german id-card because i needed it for the library [i couldn't find my student id]. so he was pretty excited about that. then he made ian do a back flip. that was pretty amazing. he ran and made a cartwheel and then a back flip without arms. impressive. then jared tried a little gymnastics and cheerleading. haha. oooo man, he's one of the funniest guys i've ever known.
so you know how we have study hall in the lunch room and there are these tables with the bench attached to the table so the two benches on each side are connected. anyways, jared was sitting on one side and liz and me on the other side. so jared farted and it was this 'drrrrrrrrrr'-fart that feels like a vibration. yea, liz and me could feel it on the other side. kind of disgusting but funny, i have to admit. sometimes he just stands up and goes to jenny, stands with his butt on jenny's back and farts on her. farts are gross but it's still funny.
ya, hm, that's it. nothing special you will think. but i enjoy having class with them. it just makes me happy when it's funny like that. especially when jenny laughs loud. hehe.

david said he was gonna call me. but as usual, he didn't.

i wrote the outline for my english paper. the outline is due tomorrow and the actual paper due monday in two weeks. so about 2 weeks time for an english paper.

it's incredible how fast time goes by. i have 6 weekends left in the us. and this weekend is almost here too. 18 school days. next thursday we have senior skip day. skipping school to see the milwaukee brewers [baseball]. i guess it's gonna be fun.

alright, i'm gonna go work out for a little while.

oo yea, something important. jared put my german id into my notebook under the cover. i walked out of study hall and to my locker to go to the bus. then i wanted to put my id back into my purse. well, it was gone. i guess i lost it somewhere. i hope i lost it inside school and that someone found it and didn't throw it away. that would suck because i might need for some of the flights or whenever a cop might want to see it or for something else. i have to remember that i go ask the office tomorrow morning.
11.5.06 01:15

nee nee, sport war heut nich so toll. haha. war leider mehrfach zielobjekt des volleyballes. aber war schon recht amuesant. hehe. das erste mal hat tomy den ball zu uns geworfen und mich am oberkoerper getroffen. dann das zweite mal wurde ich am po getroffen. und das 'schlimmste' mal war im gesicht. ich wollte den ball holen und toni hat gerade einen anderen volleyball geworfen, als ich mich gebueckt hab & der ging dann volle kanne in mein gesicht. naja ,war wirklich nich so schlimm. bin schliesslich hart im nehmen. yo.

wetter ist heute scheisse. nur am regnen. alle spiele/wettkaempfe und trainings wurden abgesagt. ich geh ja sowieso nich mehr, also mir is egal. ist halt nur bloed, dass man nich raus kann. ist nich nur total verregnet, aber auch ziemlich kalt. dabei waren es die letzten tage immer noch so um die 20C. wisconsin kann man da nur sagen. und dann wohn ich noch in so nem loch, wo man nich raus kann. in der stadt koennte ich wenigstens noch in ein cafe laufen oder irgendwo einkaufen oder so. aber hier.. kann nich raus in den garten mich sonnen und spazieren mag ich auch nicht. oo mansen.

gestern hab ich ja mal erstaunlicher weise einige emails bekommen. hat mich gefreut.

david hat heute wieder versprochen, anzurufen. aber bei ihm weiss man ja nie. ein wenig nervig ist er manchmal schon. trotzdem ein guter freund. amuesanter genosse. haha.
fotographie war heute auch sehr amuesant. hab ca. 4 bilder entwickelt.
[muss ja auf deutsch schreiben, weil die computer so nah aneinander stehen, dass andere das lesen. hehe. will ich ja nich.

hm, noch 11 minuten. und 15 oder 16? tage schule? weiss jetzt gar nich mehr so genau. ist zwar momentan wirklich ganz amuesant in manchen kursen, aber soooo gerne bin ich hier auch nich. nunja, war ja auch in diez auf der schule nich grad so wundervoll.

aaaaa, was ich auch gestern ganz vergessen hab. pato kam gestern an meinem schliessfach vorbei. ich hab mein t-shirt fuer sport geholt und ploetzlich umarmt mich jemand von hinten. konnte mir schon denken, dass er es ist. hat naemlich nich gerade sehr angenehm gerochen [wie immer]. 'i missed you, nadine.'
ich find's ja auch nich gerade toll, dass wir die ganze zeit [ca. 1-2 monate] nicht mehr miteinander geredet haben. aber so toll find ich ihn nun mal nich mehr. bin einfach ganz schoen genervt. hab ich ja schon mal erzaehlt. naja, war jedenfalls auesserst seltsam, dass er ploetzlich ankam, nachdem er noch nich mal 'hallo' gesagt hat. war wohl auch eher meine schuld. immerhin hab ich ploetzlich nicht mehr bei ihm gesessen, wenn wir lunch hatten. aber er hat's ja auch provoziert. wie auch immer, das umarmen war wohl mal wieder einer seiner haeufigen gemuetsschwankungen.
11.5.06 21:20

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