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i am very sad.

the last days i just realized how sad it is that i only have a few days left. they will go by so fast and i won't be able to hang out with my friends to often.
we got our yearbooks last friday & now everybody is signing them. the messages are so lovely & i am really gonna miss some people.
it's sad to be leaving with some friendships just developing now.

this time saying good-bye will be a totally different thing. it's not just for 10 months but maybe for a couple of years, in some cases forever.

i have already almost cried on the bus today when i was thinking about it. i don't want to imagine how it will be on my last day of school or even graduation.

well, i have to leave soon for the senior banquet at the zoo. i am excited about that.
1.6.06 22:10

sorry, hatte gestern keine zeit, euch eine email zu schreiben, weil wir fuer die karibik shoppen waren [von 4pm - 9.30pm]. nunja, heute sind es dann nur noch 18 tage fuer euch, 19 fuer mich.
traurig. vermiss schon alle, obwohl ich sie zumindest am samstag noch mal sehen werde. hoffentlich noch auf einigen parties. kann leider nicht auf ryan's graduation party ): den mag ich eigentlich am meisten. schule war heute irgendwie total traurig. vor allem die erste stunde und die dritte. mr. ritz hat uns eine tuete popcorn [ungepoppt] geschenkt und dazu was geschrieben. 'everything i need to know for life i learned from popcorn'. zum schluss hat er dann was ueber den 'popcorn man' geschrieben. er war der popcorn mann der stadt [hat popcorn angebaut] und dann hat er polio bekommen und war gelaehmt. musste dann im rollstuhl sitzen, aber trotzdem hat er noch popcorn angebaut und es an die leute geliefert. 'you complain not to have shoes, until you don't have feet. [...] don't take life and good health for granted and appreciate it when you still have it.' 'the popcorn man, he was my father.' und er hatte traenen in den augen [ich jetzt gerade auch] und jenny, alex, & vicki haben geweint. war aber auch wirklich sehr traurig. dann hat er noch ein paar von uns umarmt und da hab ich mich wirklich total komisch gefuehlt. es ist einfach total anders, hier wegzugehen, als es letzten sommer war.
nunja, in der dritten stunde hatte ich dann geschi. bin seit montag aber immer zu study hall gegangen. musste aber immer einen pass bekommen. also wurde sich auch von mr. bartolone verabschiedet. ooo man, einer meiner 3 lieblingslehrer [mr. ritz und mr. copeland sind die anderen beiden]. er hat mir dann auch noch eine umarmung gegeben. 'man, you gotta come back soon. we will miss you.'
in marketing hat mr. copeland mir dann noch ein geschenk gegeben. 'thank you very much.' 'that's the least i can give to you.' 'you don't need to give me anything.' 'no, i wanna give you something. you're so awesome. you're gonna get far in life. are you gonna come visit?' ich find ihn toll, aber ganz viele moegen ihn ueberhaupt nich. '[...] my favorite student [...]. we have to keep in touch.'

nach der schule hatten wir graduation probe. war laenger als eine stunde und am sonntag wird es noch viel laenger sein und noch viel waermer. hatte total kopfschmerzen.

das war's dann auch mal wieder.

oooo, weltmeisterschaft in 2 tagen. werde mich jordan und kyle gucken (: exciting.
8.6.06 02:05

first day of summer (: and my next day of school will be in september, or whenever school in germany starts again.

yesterday, i brought some pictures for my friends [the ones i took pictures with]. so i gave one to ryan. he's so nice. i will miss him a lot when i have to go back. he asked me how i would rate germany on a scale from 1 to 10. i said 7, i don't like germany that much but i love my friends and family. 'and america?' 'mhh, i think 9.' 'you like america better than germany?' 'yea, but i miss my friends & i'm excited to see them when i go back.' 'damn, i hoped you were gonna say that you wanna stay.' 'mhh no, i have to go back. and i wouldn't really wanna live in germantown but in a bigger city.'
'so, you have to come to my graduation party then we can drink some american beer together.' we're always talking about the beer. he said he doesn't like german beer because it is so filling. most people drink 'light' beer [less calories].

hahaha, i already said that i went to study hall in 3rd hour instead of going to history. stephen and nick are in there. stephen is so funny. prank calls. haha.

for some reason, austin and nick were talking about their 'sexual life' as kids. nick: 'i jerked off for the first time in second grade.' he walked away to bring his trash away. but half way he came back. 'but it first worked in 5th grade.' that was sooo funny.

oo wow, i'm gonna miss all that.

i could start packing for the caribbean. i don't have anything to do tonight but tomorrow morning at 11 i will watch germany : costa rica at jordan's. then i have to bake a cheesecake for austin's birthday. and maybe after that i will hang out with stephen, or maybe on saturday. on saturday is also austin's birthday party from 3pm to 9pm. his actual birthday is the 28th of june though. i would think celebrating your birthday before you actual have/had your birthday is bad luck. hm whatever.

the last days i couldn't fall asleep at all on school nights. i always try to go to bed around 10pm because otherwise i'm way too tired and can't get up in the morning. but when i went to bed at like 10pm, i was lying there for an hour & i had to get up because i was so hyper. so i listened to music and 'danced' or worked out.

i got the flight tickets today. well, not the actual tickets because mine are electronic but i got the paper i need to take to get them.
aww, 4 days. caribbean (: my mom made me buy water shoes to walk with in the ocean. retarded. i'm not gonna wear them so i just left the tag on & i'm gonna say that i forgot to pack them. i'm not gonna wear some retard shoes on the beach. how ugly does that look?
i'm excited to go snorkeling (: yay. we can go as often as we want to because the equipment is in the apartment so we don't have to pay for that. i already bought 2 underwater cameras [27 exposures per camera]. hopefully we will see some pretty things. it'd be thight if we could rent a little boat if it's not too expensive and then go out onto the ocean and jump into the water there. but i guess i'd be too scared of sharks. haha.
9.6.06 03:59

graduation today, caribbean tomorrow.

i'm going to take a shower soon, watch part of the world cup game, get dressed and then we will probably leave around 12. the ceremony is supposed to be from 1pm to 2pm. after that i'm invited to ashley's graduation party but i probably won't go because i have to get everything ready for the caribbean and then sleep because we already leave at 11 tonight. they make such a big deal about driving us to the airport. we will be there before 1am and our flight is at 6am but nobody wants to drive us at like 2am. so we have to wait at the airport for hours. hm, well i have to go now.
11.6.06 16:24

last message.

graduation was good. nothing bad happened and the beginning was exciting. but when they started calling everybody up to receive the diploma it was boring. about 350 names. we got out of there at around 3.30 i think. everybody walked off and took pictures. i have some too. they're on MEIN FOTOALBUM -> GRADUATION.
mom, dad, krista, austin and me drove home. grandma & grandpa were there. i got $25 from them, & from mom & dad, i got $50, diamond earrings & 2 stuffed animals. then we drove to the cheesecake factory [my favorite restaurant here] and [ooo i just remember, i gotta run upstairs and put my laundry in the dryer so i can pack it before we leave. i'm back & now i'm finishing my cheesecake (:
well, we are leaving at around 11pm because for my dad it's such a big deal to drive us to the airport later. we have to be there by 4am and our flight is at 6am but now we will be there by like 12.30am. he's making such a big deal about the whole trip anyways. 'you gotta do everything what krista tells you. she's your parent now. don't go anywhere alone. always be together. if krista doesn't wanna do anything then you can't do it.' bla bla. but mom talked with me in the kitchen a little while ago and she said that i don't have to do everything krista says. 'just stick together. and drag her along if you wanna do something but she doesn't. like parasailing, jet ski.' ooo man, i'm excited. all that fun stuff. like mr. ritz always says 'get high on life.' i will. even though i'm a little chicken with water sometimes. hehe. oo snorkeling is gonna be fun, i bought 2 underwater cameras [27 exposures each].

usually i was gonna take a nap but i don't know. it will probably just be harder for me to be awake and to wake up. maybe i can sleep a little on the airport. krista isn't gonna sleep anyways.

ooo yea, austin's birthday party yesterday was.. hm, weird.. a custome party as a 28th birthday? usually science fiction customes? aaa, yea. i was a german soccer player for a while but then it got to cold so i changed. i was really bored too. from 3pm to 9pm. wow. well, the end was kind of fun. i talked to ericka, she's lovely & funny (: jess & dave as well.
haha, walter was extremly funny. somehow he kinda looks like a nerd, weird glasses, old-fashioned hair cut. but he's so cute & funny. hehe, he's very intelligent too. i like intelligent people very much. because i get easily annoyed but extremely dumb people unless they are very funny.

i'm so pumped. i can't even wait to get there. the lady that rented us the apartment said the weather is beautiful (:

so bob said, he'd called me next week to party before i leave. hopefully he'll do so.

mhh, the cheesecake is so good. white chocolate raspberry truffle (:

ok, that was the last message. maybe some night i will write something real quick. krista is taking her laptop. we'll see.
goodbye friends.
12.6.06 04:55

12. Juni 2006; erster Tag

Um 2 Uhr schon am Flughafen zu sein, war schon schlimm genug, aber dann auch noch staendig von krista vollgelabert zu werden... auf den stuehlen im flughafen kann man nich gerade sehr gut schlafen und ausserdem bin ich so neugierig, dass ich bei jedem kleinen laut meine augen aufmachen muss. um 4.30 uhr konnten wir dann endlich unsere tickets holen, aber die sicherheitskontrolle war noch zu, also mussten wir noch bis ca. 5.30 auf dem boden warten. endlich konnten wir dann so gegen 6.15Uhr aufs flugzeug. fast 5 stunden flug. sind um 12.15uhr [2 stunden zeitverschiebung von wisconsin] in san juan, puerto rico, angekommen. dann noch 20 minuten flug und wir waren um 13.30 auf st. thomas. bei dem ersten flug hab ich fast nur geschlafen, aber war sehr unbequem. mein nacken tat weh, staendig ist irgendwas eingeschlafen.
das schlimmste hab ich noch gar nich erzaehlt. nunja, also krista ist krank und deswegen ist ihre stimme fast weg. aber anstatt mal die klappe zu halten, redet sie staendig, obwohl ich versuch zu schlafen. nunja, war auch noch nich das schlimmste. sehr unangenehmer geruch. jemanden mit so schlimmem mundgeruch hab ich noch nie getroffen. ich denke, sie hat sich seit gestern morgen immernoch nicht die zaehne geputzt. sehr widerlich. auf dem flugzeug hat sie mir dann auch noch erzaehlt, dass sie seit freitag nicht mehr geduscht hat, weil sie keine zeit hatte und seit wir hier sind, hat sie es immernoch nicht gemacht.

am flughafen wurden wir von victyor, dem vermieter, abgeholt. afro amerikaner, sehr witzig, sehr lieb. der flughafen war eigentlich kein richtiger flughafen. die landebahnen waren da und dann kein richtiges gebaeude. war mehr eine grosse halle mit vielen ventilatoren, 2 cafes und ein paar reiseveranstaltern.
victor's frau, shelley, ist auch sehr lieb. und die soehne (: uiuiui. der aelteste [16/17] ist sehr huebsch (:, der mittlere naja, halt sehr jung und der kleinste.. das niedlichste "baby" [2/3 years], das ich je gesehen habe.

st. thomas ist wirklich sehr huebsch. huegel mit vielen baeumen, villen/hotels zwischendrin, stein- und sandstraende (: das wasser ist tuerkisblau.

zuerst hat shelley uns zum lebensmittel einkaufen gefahren. als wir wieder herkamen, ist krista dann ins bett und ich bin zum pool (:
man muss das heisse wetter ja schliesslich geniessen. um die 30C, windstille, leider sehr bewoelkt.
der pool ist auf einem kliff. ich hab auch schon bilder. nunja, jetzt ist es 20uhr und ich hab nich wirklich was zu tun. haben gerade mal gegessen. nunja, krista hat gemeint "keine jungs treffen. das gibt's hier nich.' aehm ja und parties mag sie ja auch nich. toll, ich will nich jeden abend hier im apartment sitzen. ist auch immernoch schoen heiss draussen. wurde zwar schon um 19uhr dunkel, aber was soll's. ohne krista kann ich leider nich weggehen ): verboten. sau kacki. naja, morgen haben wir gesagt, soll ein beachtag werden und dann am mittwoch shoppen in st. amalie. am donnerstag vielleicht mit der faehre zu st. john, nachbarinsel von st.thomas.

also ich werd dann auch mal schluss machen.

achso, am pool war's toll. man kann schoen das kliff sehen und das wasser sieht wirklich tuerkis aus. schon sehr toll (: hach ja... 1 woche ist gar nicht lange genug zeit, um all das zu machen, was ich gerne wuerde. wir werden sehen.

oke, also dann macht's mal gut. liebe gruesse aus der karibik (: hehe
13.6.06 01:54

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