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when people ask me if i miss anything then i have to say no because i really don´t miss anything about the us, or i should say wisconsin. i miss the caribbean of course (;
what´s there to miss in wisconsin? the food wasn´t good except for the cheesecake factory and mamma mia´s, the nightlife was boring as hell [i had more action the first 7 days in germany than i had the whole year in wisconsin], school sucked [yea, it was easy but that made it incredibly boring], about 8 months of winter [& get sick of it after 2-3 weeks of cold weather. that was a good place for me to be at. haha.
at least my family was good & i made some good friends.

but i have to say, i kinda wish i could leave in a couple of months to travel around the world. i don´t wanna wait until i´m done with school. unfortunately, i have to.

i should try to get some stuff done. i haven´t done anything since i came back.
3.7.06 21:18

i had full body massage. very nice and relaxing (: i'd like to have one more often.

internet is pretty boring. i don't know what to do here... and i don't really have anything to write in here either.
7.7.06 19:02


i was gonna put some new pictures up but mein fotoalbum doesn't work at the moment.. so for some new pictures you should go to those addresses:

[für neue bilder klickt auf die links. fotoalbum geht momentan leider nicht]


myspace [picture slideshow]

9.7.06 13:18

i miss to talk in english. but fortunately there's this one guy who still writes in english with me and i write emails with the people from the us.

i like being here again but i'm pretty sure that i don't wanna stay here forever. diez... better than germantown for sure. haha. but still boring. there are so many exciting places to go and i live here... i'm just glad i have such great friends (:
13.7.06 18:19

so next week i'm gone again (: even if it's only from wednesday until the following week thursday. jessi and me will be going to denmark. copenhagen. we live for free with my grandparents' friend. she will be doing stuff with my grandma and jessi and me will have some fun at the beach. yay (;
on friday we will go up to kalundborg by train and return with the last train the same night. i'm excited. maybe i'll see theis (:

hm yea... that's it... i still don't miss america. hm.

oo, i'm sure i will go away after my abi. maybe as an au pair for 2 years in at least 2 or 3 different countries. then go to a university somewhere other than germany. ooooo, i can't wait. i would start right away but i need to finish school.
29.7.06 18:24


es gibt wieder fotos in meinem fotoalbum (: also immer schön gucken.

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30.7.06 20:22


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