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i hide my feelings when they are there.
i do not cry when they could see.
i do not answer when they ask.
for they would not understand.

i just smile when they wonder.

ooo, what do you do to me?
15.9.06 16:26

i can see more clearly every day. i'm getting more and more aware of how i changed during this year. and i am happy i did it. even though i wished i would have gone somewhere else. i shouldn't have listened to all the people around me that told me what to do as they do so often. i won't ever say that i regret having done it because it gave me so much. it changed me in so many positive ways. changes other people might never go through because they are lacking this specific experience. they will only be one of a million tourists. nothing special. it's so different when you go to another country with a different attitude. to be one of them. not just a superficial spectaculator. to adjust. to fit into the new culture. to take part in something other than that what you already know. to take risks.
i am glad to have found some people that understand. i know, others never will. even though some wish to.
29.9.06 10:01


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