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so much has changed during the last year. almost exactly one year ago i came back from my stay in the usa and i can't believe how fast time has gone by...
i have fallen in love with someone i would have never expected and i was (and still am) truely happy. just one stupid incident (well, rather two) gave a crack to our relationship. i would not say we have grown apart but i know things will not be the same. this often makes me cry. i just cannot understand. and never will. although i wish i could but i know he will never tell me. i had never imagined something similiar could ever happen until he told me it was true. it left a deep scar and a very humiliating experience. i am disappointed and deeply hurt. but still i hope that some day things will be the same again. i know - i could never forget but i might forgive.

....because one kiss...

....and one smile are worth more than a hundred tears...
22.6.07 14:43

Prepare your shoes
not to come back soon,
prepare your heart
not to stop too soon.
You cannot walk with us.
One step inside doesn't
mean you understand,
one step inside doesn't mean I'm yours.
In your world my feet are out of step,
my arms don't move, my hand
won't grab.
I will never read your stupid map,
so don't call me incomplete,
you are the freak.
22.6.07 14:44


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